Where the most creative people most love to think about automation

Sotronik is the professional partner for innovative and rational design and development in software and electronics of industrial automation.

Together with our customers, we want to achieve the most creative, meaningful and individual solution possible. Experienced specialists are solving the given tasks efficient and by using modern tools and methods.

Sotronik-engineers are well-trained experts with varied know-how. They are building software in different programming languages.

As Alliance Partner of National Instruments, Sotronik is the specialist for LabVIEW-applications.


What we do

Software Engineering...

Sotronik develops applications in different programming languages and on all kind of system platforms. According our wide variety of experience we not only program, but also evaluate the proper language and platform for your project.

Sotronik already realised projects using the following programming langueages:

  • Assembler / C / C++
  • C# / VB.net
  • JavaScript / HTML / CSS
  • PHP / mySQL
  • HTML5 Mobile-APP
  • Matlab / Simulink (div. Toolkits)
Hardware evaluation and development...

The choice of the most appropriate hardware is often fundamental regarding the resulting quality of developed equipment, test benches and products.

Due to its know-how and experience, Sotronik can support you in this matter. We evaluate or develop the proper hardware for any technical requirement.

Complete automation systems...

Together with a network of partners, Sotronik also creates complete automation systems.

Requirements specifications...

Is a company temporary short of manpower to realize urgent project, the tasks are frequently outsourced. But often also the time to provide a suitable sheet of specification is missing and therefore it is very difficult to assign the project to external personnel.

Sotronik can solve this dilemma by taking over the task of providing a proper specification in collaboration of all stakeholders. The external view also helps the customer to uncover blind spots and to question (possibly bad) solutions that are only a consequence of corporate culture.

Counselling and evaluation...

Making use of our know-how in specific situations can provide your projects a great benefit. Typical services of that kind are:

  • Evaluation of fielding hard- and software
  • Support on creating a stable and functional software design
  • Code reviews
  • Software support
Feedback control systems...

Feedback control technology is a fascinating field within the world of automation that demands a good physical understanding of the system to control and some experience in the design of feedback control loops. Hence, control loops are often badly parameterised.

Sotronik owns a wide know-how in this field, due to numerous successfully implemented control loops in various projects over the last years.


When developing control software for big or expensive systems, it is likely that the system is not always and everywhere available for testing. In this case a dynamic simulation model can provide a helpful alternative to collect valuable findings about the real behaviour of a system.

Sotronik can help with the know-how of its team and with modern simulation tools.