New year

Are the green and blue in the picture the exact same colors?

In 2000, Sotronik embarked on its great adventure journey: We experienced a lot, made fascinating discoveries and explored the colorful world of software and electronics. And also made the experience that not everything is always exactly as it seems.

Our perception is shaped by the world in which we move.

We look forward to the 20 successful years that lie behind us - and look forward to the many more colorful decades that are to come. Many thanks to everyone who has influenced our way with their colorful accents and will continue to do so!

We wish you an exciting, fascinating 2021.

20 Jahre Sotronik

how the time flies...


On December 1st, 2000 Peter Fischbacher and Gregor Matter founded Sotronik GmbH.

We look forward to the anniversary and thank all of our employees, partners, customers, families and friends ...


New year

Division of labour - in family and career 

If both parents like to work as well as work in the family, flexibility is required.

In the mornings, when his wife is already at work, Urs Fässler can take his two boys to kindergarten at child-friendly times and then go to the office himself. On Wednesday he is there all day for the children and family tasks. This makes it possible for both of them to do their professional work and bring everything under one family roof.

This flexibility is profitable all along the line: for the well-being of the children, the balance of the parents and the quality of the professional work.

As a member of the Gemeinwohl-Ekonomie (GWÖ), Sotronik supports this way of life and offers its employees the opportunity for part-time work, home office and flexible office hours.

For 2020 we wish harmony in all private and professional projects!

Sotronik Trainee

Lorenzo von Ritter has been actively supporting the Sotronik team from the beginning of October 2019 until the end of July 2020. He is doing an internship with us and will then begin his studies at the ZHAW.

ECG presentation

Gregor Matter is co-referee at a  "Economy for the Common Good" presentation in Schaffhausen.
Sotronik created a ECG balance sheet two years ago. He will report on his practical experience. 

More information and registration by 10th September Economy for the Common Good

Sotronik and ECG


Sotronik unfortunately did not make it to the last 3 finalists of the KMU-Max.
Nevertheless, we are very satisfied with our place in the top 7 and would like to thank everyone who voted for us.


Sotronik is one of the 7 top companies in Winterthur!

Tanks to the GWÖ-blance sheet in 2018, Sotronik was nominated for this Company Award and chosen by the jury as a finalist. Until april 16th The 3 most popular companies are chosen by e-voting.

Please cast all your votes for Sotronik -> kmu-max.ch and recommend this e-voting.


Further information about economy for the common good (GWÖ) in the Sotronik.

And the article in the Landbote: The race for the economic Oscar is launched


New year

Out into nature! 

Nature serves us as a place of retreat and a source of strength. It calms our senses, reduces stress and simply makes us happy. This makes it all the more important to cultivate a responsible way of dealing with it and to keep some time free for fresh air in the midst of all the duties and habits of everyday life!

The well-being of our employees and the environment has been the focus of Sotronik's business philosophy since its foundation - now we have found a way to reflect our actions in a structured way: Since summer 2018, Sotronik has been a GWÖ accounting company.

The "Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie" (GWÖ, www.ecogood.org) defines an economic model that largely corresponds to the entrepreneurial convictions of Sotronik - and it also offers a balance sheet to measure business success according to new standards: Not the maximization of the financial profit is the goal, but the increase of the common welfare.

We wish everyone sufficient time in 2019 to enjoy the restful places of nature!

New Sotronik employee

The Sotronik team welcomes Philippe Hindermann as a new employee. We wish him all the best and are looking forward to a prosperous time together.

Sotronik invites you to the GWÖ-Party on June 16th 2018.

Invitation flyer (german, PDF)

Read more about the "Economy for a Common Good".

"Economy for the Common Good" balancing

Sotronik is a "Economy for the Common Good" balanced organisation. We have compiled our GWÖ-balance and passed the auditing.
Read more about "Economy for the Common Good".


New year

More than Honey 

Did you know that more than one third of our food would not prosper without bees? The ecological impact of these insects is therefore immense. The fight against its biggest enemy, the Varroa mite, is one of the biggest challenges in beekeeping. Previously used acid-treatments are killing the mites, but are also harms the bees itself. Sotronik employee Renato Cortesi developed, together with his start-up company Vatorex, a new system that is fighting the parasites only with heat. In the range of 39°C and 42°C, the mites are dying while the bees survive without harm. This is achieved by a heating wire, melted directly into the comb and an electric control system – completely without chemicals.

We wish you a good 2018!

ST Authorized Partner

Sotronik is now Authorized Partner of ST, a  partnership-program of STMicroelectronics.

New staff member

We welcome our new staff member Urs Fässler. Urs will strengthen our Embedded and IoT team.

Swisscom-LPN (LoRa) Technology & Engineering Partner

As a specialist in LoRa Wide Area Network technology, Sotronik is a technology & engineering partner for the swisscom-LPN program.

A social and ecological way to do business

The magazin "Context" reports about the social and ecological way of doing business using the example of Sotronik. Read the article here (only in german).


New year

The story of the lost sheep

Once upon a time, there was a shepherd who searched his sheep for hours…

In the future, shepherds can save themselves a lot of time. They can find their animals, which are moving freely in the mountains over several kilometres, with one glance at their smartphones. Over wide distances within the alpine terrain and with a very low energy consumption, the LoRa-alp-tracker are transmitting the position data of the animals to the internet.

Such internet-of-things- and other stories kept Sotronik busy this year and will keep us motivated and busy in 2017.

We wish you and your stories a lot of success for 2017.

Another LabView Architect

Erik de Best has successfully passed the CLA (Certified LabView Architect) exam. Hence, already half of our LabView programming staff is certified on the highest level.
The sotronik team congratulates.

CTD - certification

Alain von Ritter, already certified as a LabVIEW architect (CLA), could accomplish the additional certification as a certified Teststand developer (CTD).

10 years alliance partnership with NI

Sotronik celebrates its 10th year of alliance partnership with National Instruments.

Nidays 2016

NIDays 2016 in Bern. As a longtime partner of National Instruments, Sotronik will be present at this years Graphical system design convention on the 2nd of March. Come and visit us, we are looking forward to meet you.

CLD - certification

Sotronik gains another certified LabView developer.
Recently, our software developer Erik de Best successfully completed the LabView CLD certification of National Instruments.
Congratulations from the Sotronik team.


New year

With new energy toward new summits!

Sotronik wishes everyone all the best for the new year.

15 years Sotronik!

Sotronik looks back with pride on 15 years of successful company history.

Open day at PSI

Sotronik developed the control software for the level measurement of the partical accelerator "Synchrotron Lichtquelle Schweiz" at the Paul Scherrer Institut. Together with Edi Meier + Partner Sotronik will be present at the PSI open house event on Sunday, October 18th.

CLD - certification

Our software developer Renato Cortesi successfully completed the LabView CLD certification of National Instruments.
Congratulations from the Sotronik team.

Enlargement of management

Since July, our long term employees Alain von Ritter and Stefan Genswein are partners of Sotronik GmbH and new management members.

NIdays 2015

As a longtime Alliance partner of National Instruments, Sotronik will participate at this years "Graphical System Design" convention in Bern, on the 24th of March. Visit us at our booth and learn about our services first handed. We look forward to your visit.

Sotronik finalises a pump control system for chemical-mixer on behalf of promix solutions.


New year

Sotronik makes a playful start into 2015 and wishes everyone a good new year.

"If you want creative workers,
give them enough time to play."


John Cleese, Monthy Python

Sotronik commitment 2014

In the context of our annual donations, Sotronik supports a development project to educate bicycle mechanics in Tansania.

Swiss Green Economy Symposium

Sotronik participates at Swiss Green Economy Symposium in Winterthur. Leading entrepreneurs, politicians and NGOs are discussing about success sories and responsibility.

A mobile APP for Hexis fuel-cell-devices is released.

Stadtspielwerk Winterthur

On the occasion of Winterthur's 750th anniversary, the new sculpture "Stadtspielwerk" on Merkurplatz is presented to the public.


Stadspielwerk is a 11 meter high iron sculpture that represents the different eras and traditions of Winterthur's history.
A reliable control system by Sotronik set's live to the sculpture every full hour between 10am. and 10pm and opens some of it's boxes.


Sotronik provides a new automation concept for Alipro and will adapt and exchange several control systems within the next few years.

The first intelligent SwitchClock is now also available in a two channel version.

Nidays 2014

NIDays 2014 in Bern. As every year, Sotronik will be present at this years Graphical system design convention.


New year

Sotronik wishes all its customers and partners a very happy new year.

"Wer die Perspektive ändert, sieht die Dinge in einem ganz anderen Licht."


Engelbert Schinkel

Sotronik commitment 2013

As every year, Sotronik supports different projects and organizations that serve a good purpose. As an interesting example we would like to list a tech-school-project of two students at the "Mechatronic School Winterthur". Goal of this project was to build a fully automated launch pad for water driven rockets.

On board a container cargo ship, the first RITA-system (RTA Injection Time Adjustment) to optimize fuel consumption is tested between Hamburg and Antwerpen.

NIdays 2013

As a longtime alliance partner of National Instruments, Sotronik will participate at the NIDays on 12. March 2013 in Zurich. Visit us at our booth and learn about our exquisite services first handed. We are looking foreward to meet you!

The first production run of the Hiltbrand switchclock will be done in the next weeks. The hardware development is completed, the software will be continuously extended.


Support mission in Africa: In a hydro-electric power plant, old Sulzer turbine controllers are fixed and maintained to work another few decades.

Sotronik delivers a test bench for smoke detectors to Siemens. The complete development of this device (from first concept to setting into service) took place in only a few months.

NIdays 2012

At this year's NIDays we like to give you insight in one of our current projects with a lecture about " high-performance position control in the nanometer range for the testing of medical implants" and welcome you on our booth.

The control software for Forbo's drive-belts power test bench is completed and set into operation.

The first control software version for Thelkin's Load-frame is completed. The device is now capable to run force- or distance profiles with a resolution of a few nanometers.


Culinaric trip to East-africa

Biovision organizes together with Cuisine Sans Frontière (Csf) the supplementary program "culinaric trip to east africa" of the Afro-Pfingsten festival. Sotronik supports this event and will be present. Our team would be pleased to meet you there.


The Afro-Pfingsten is a big and social event of different Cultures in Winterthur. Sotronik is a platin-sponsor of this Africa and World music festival.

NIdays 2011

At this year's NIDays we will be present at the exhibition. Also we will lecture about "Windowsbasierte PC Applikationen in der Industrie" within the lecture's category "Industrial Measurement & Control".

10 years Sotronik. We like to invite you to our celebration party at 4pm at our office.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, the sotronik team travels to Hamburg.

Sotronik supports students of the Grlbotics Club. With their Sumorobots, the students compete against Google engineers.

Technopark Winterthur celebrates it's new extension building and opens its doors. Sotronik is going to be present as well. We are happy to welcome you.


The 21th annual Afro-Pfingsten Festival will take place between 19th and 24th of May in Winterthur. As one of the sponsors we wish you a nice time there.

NIdays 2010

This year as welll will we be present at the NIDays at Swissôtel in Zürich. Listen to our speech about "Successful Software Engineering".