Remote control systems (from device to visualisation)

Sotronik creates customer-specific remote control systems, based on a secure SSL-internet connection. These systems can be operated with or without additional devices (Gateways).

In multiply projects, Sotronik integrated the necessary communication software directly into the existing customer firmware. This solution is very performant and does not generate any additional fees or expenses per device.

With these integrated Sotonik-solutions it is possible to access the devices over customer-specific smartphone-/table-APPs and over standard desktop-web-browsers.

Sotronik offers part- and complete solutions, covering all necessary parts from the device firmware, to cloud- or company-web-servers onto APP or browser visualisations.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

The "Internet-of-Things" (IoT) is a popular term from the communication technology world. Information from miniaturised sensors (things) are collected worldwide over the internet and provided on private and public cloud-systems. This opens up new fields of service and business.

To transfer information secure and reliable, different communication technologies are available. One of these technologies used by Sotronik is the LoRa® Wide Area Network that offers several advantages compared with other technologies:

  • up to 15km range
  • small infrastructure costs
  • internet connection with LoRaWAN® possible
  • reliable transmission (not GSM-network-dependant)
  • low-cost and low-power technology (very long battery runtime possible)
  • encrypted, bi-directional transmission (suitable for sensor- and actuator systems)
  • uses international, free frequency band (i.e. 868MHz band in Europe)
  • private network operation possible (alternative to the public LoRaWAN®-network-provider)


Due to huge know-how and experience from already done IoT-projects, Sotronik can provide optimal support for the realisation of IoT-products.

Project examples...